quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

Evan Johns And The H-Bombs

Banda norte americana de rock and roll, sem divulgação por aqui, para variar.

1980 - Giddy Up Girl (EP): Download

1982 - Outtakes and Rehearsals Ca. 1982: Download

1986 - Rollin' Through The Night: Download

1989 - Bombs Away: Download

1990 - Acoustic Radio Perfomance, Hubert On The Air, FM Broadcast KRO Studi Radio 3, May 1990: Download

1990 - Please Mr. Santa Claus: Download

1991 - Rockit Fuel Only: Download

1992 - LVC, Leiden, The Netherlands 1982: Download

1992 - Terror Has Some Strange Kinfolk (Eugene Chadbourne & Evan Johns): Download

1995 - Texas Twang: Download

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Anônimo disse...

Hello,Great blog .Thanks for all the downloads

Is it possible to upload the links again for Evan Johns ?

Thanks again !


Tony disse...


Can you re-upload this ?

Thank you,


vacabilly disse...

please caca can you reupload this stuff i'm very interesting in it