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The Adolescents (também conhecida como Adolescents) é uma banda estadunidense de hardcore punk formada na cidade de Fullerton, Califórnia. O grupo influenciou grandes bandas do punk rock atual, incluindo Bad Religion, Face to Face, Good Riddance,[2] The Offspring,[3] Pennywise[4] e The Vandals.

1981 - Adolescents: Download

1981 - Welcome to Reality (EP): Download

1984 - Balboa Fun Zone: Download

1987 - Brats in Battalions: Download

2004 - Unwrap and Blow Me (EP): Download

2005 - Naughty Women in Black Sweaters - The Complete Demos 1980-1986: Download

2005 - O.C. Confidential: Download

2011 - The Fastest Kid Alive: Download

2012 - American Dogs In Europe (EP): Download

2013 - Presumed Insolent: Download

2014 - La Vendetta: Download


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