sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2016

Jason & The Scorchers

Banda norte-americana de country-punk.

1982 - Reckless Country Soul: Download

1983 - Fervor EP: Download

1984 - Live In Philadelphia: Download

1985 - Lost & Found: Download

1986 - Still Standing: Download

1989 - The Lyon Tapes: Download

1989 - Thunder & Fire: Download

1992 - Essential Jason & the Scorchers - Are You Ready For The Country: Download

1995 - A Blazing Grace: Download

1996 - Both Sides of the Line: Download

1996 - Clear Impetuous Morning: Download

1998 - Midnight Roads & Stages Seen: Download

2001 - Rock on Germany: Download

2004 - Wildfires & Misfires: Download

2009 - EMI Years: Download

2010 - Halcyon Times: Download

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luis disse...

thanks. In this post i find some jasons and scorchers stuff i haven't.

angstytimelord disse...

OH MY GOD, I literally SCREAMED with happiness when I found this post! I used to have "Fervor," "Lost and Found," and "Still Standing" on vinyl back in the 80s, but they long ago disappeared due to me making a lot of cross-country moves (once to get married, and four others that were job-related, then another to move back home to take care of my Gran after she had a stroke). I had given up on ever finding any of their music again. So finding this post is like finding a GOLD MINE! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this!

You are my Blogspot HERO!