sábado, 3 de setembro de 2016

The Birthday Party

Banda australiana de pós-punk e death-rock.

1979 - Door, Door (The Boys Next Door): Download

1981 - Prayers on Fire: Download

1982 - JunkYard: Download

1985 – It’s Still Living: Download

1988 - The Peel Sessions: Download

1989 - Hee-Haw: Download

1989 - Mutiny - The Bad Seed (1982-83): Download

1991 - Drunk on the Pope's Blood (The Birthday Party & Lydia Lunch): Download

1992 - Hits: Download

1999 - Live 1981-82: Download

2001 - The John Peel Sessions (1980-82): Download

3 comentários:

luis disse...

Thanks for this rich post on Birthday Party. Maybe you could add also to the introduction also that's BP was The first band of Nick Cave (don't forget Mick Harvey and the late Rowland S. Howard)

Anônimo disse...

Do you have any Foetus stuff you can share please?

marko disse...

Be great if you could find the first album

or The Birthday Party ‎– Definitive Missing Link Recordings 1979-1982