sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2017


ps: pic fixed.

Banda espanhola de pop-punk e power-pop.

1999 - Quiero Verano: Download

2000 - Mondo Cretino: Download

2001 - Voy A Acabar Con El Invierno: Download

2003 - Ensamble Cohetes: Download

2005 - Quién Mató A Airbag?: Download

2008 - Alto Disco: Download

2010 - Versiones y Rarezas Para Norbert & Cali: Download

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Anônimo disse...

the pic isnt right, there are 2 airbags, one from spain and the other one from south america, argentina maybe... the band from Spain is also a trio, from Málaga city ;)