quinta-feira, 27 de abril de 2017

Fela Kuti

Box-set contendo a discografia deste grande músico nigeriano.

CD01: Download

CD02: Download

CD03: Download

CD04: Download

CD05: Download

CD06: Download

CD07: Download

CD08: Download

CD09: Download

CD10: Download

CD11: Download

CD12: Download

CD13: Download

CD14: Download

CD15: Download

CD16: Download

CD17: Download

CD18: Download

CD19: Download

CD20: Download

CD21: Download

CD22: Download

CD23: Download

CD24: Download

CD25: Download

CD26: Download

2 comentários:

blog reply guy disse...

thank you for this and all that you do. This one is truly amazing

jonder disse...

It is indeed amazing to have this box set. Thank you for sharing so much of Fela's music with us.