terça-feira, 1 de agosto de 2017

Andi Sex Gang

Cantor inglês de pós-punk e rock gótico. Ex-integrante da banda Sex Gang Children. Seguem seus discos em carreira solo.


1993 - God On A Rope: Download

1994 - Western Songs For Children: Download

1997 - Gabriel And The Golden Horn: Download

1999 - Arco Valley (Re-Release) (Andi Sex Gang & Mick Ronson): Download

2000 - Last Of England: Download

2000 - The Wrath Of God - A Tribute To Life And Works Of Werner Herzog: Download

2006 - The Madman In The Basket: Download

2007 - Inventing New Destruction: Download

2007 - Perception In The Heart Of Darkness: Download


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