quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2018

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic

Banda norte-americana de rock experimental.

1988 - Sonic Geology: Download

1989 - Faultline: Download

1992 - Pyroclastics: Download

1993 - The Fossil Record 1980-1987: Download

1995 - Dancing on A'A: Download

2000 - Petrophonics: Download

2003 - The Iridium Controversy: Download

2004 - 2001 Live Birds: Download

2006 - 1001 Real Apes: Download

2006 - Extreme Spirituals: Download

2008 - Dawn of the Cycads: Download

3 comentários:

Valmir Caetano disse...

Cara, vocês postam umas coisas muito legais e totalmente diferente!!! Que tal um Dave Matthews Band??? Valeu!!!

Cacá.revolutionrock disse...

oi Valmir. Posto sim. Aguarde.

Pernt disse...

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for this. A band from the dim early years of my college days... My first college crush loved these guys but I never got to see them live, or even listen to them. It's 1985 all over again! Can't wait to dig into these tunes.