sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2018

Josef K

Banda escocesa de pós-punk.

1980 - It's Kinda Funny [7'', single]: Download

1980 - Radio Drill Time [7'', single]: Download

1993 - Sorry For Laughing + Rare Live [CD, compil.]: Download

1993 - The Only Fun In Town [CD, album, reissue]: Download

1993 - Young and Stupid [CD, compil.]: Download

1998 - Endless Soul [CD, compil.]: Download

1999 - The Only Fun In Town - Sorry For Laughing [CD, compil.]: Download

2000 - Crazy To Exist (Live) [CD, compil., remastered]: Download

2002 - Young and Stupid [CD, compil., remastered]: Download

2006 - Entomology [CD, compil.]: Download

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Anônimo disse...

this artist is in California State prison for child molestation.

Anônimo disse...

Michal Jackson is played daily by nnn people...
Why they cannot be listened?
Or you prefer speaking of Burzum? Art is Art... life is life
And men do wrong... every man do some wrong...