sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2018

Little Bob Story

Banda francesa de rock'n'roll e rhythm & blues.


1976 - High Time: Download

1976 - Little Bob Story (EP): Download

1977 - Off The Rails: Download

1978 - Come See Me: Download

1979 - Little Bob Story Live: Download

1984 - Too Young To Love Me: Download

1987 - Ringolevio: Download

1996 - Living In The Fast Lane: Download

2003 - Rock On Riff On Roll On Move On - Live 2003: Download

2010 - Time To Blast: Download

+ Links (thanks Fred):

1982 ‎- Vacant Heart: Download

1999 - One Story Vol.1: Download

2000 - One Story Vol.2: Download

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pogo disse...

Great post about one of the biggest french rock and roll band. In the early 70's, it was the only french band able to tour in England and rivalised with locals.
"Off the rail" was English version of "Living in the fast lane" (2nd album) both originally published in 1977.
The band split in the end of the 80's (1988) and Little Bob had continued as a solo artist. The last 2 records of your set are from this time. In 2010, he played also in great movie from Aki Kaurismäki call "Le Havre" (his home town) which led him on the steps of the Cannes film festival. At 74 years old little Bob is still active.

Here's following to complete your set:
1982 ‎- Vacant Heart
1999 - One Story Vol.1
2000 - One Story Vol.2